Pepperbox Studio is a recording studio providing services to musicians & other creators seeking professional, affordable audio production. Situated high in the hills of Vermont, its state-of-the-art recording technology is solar and generator powered. Pepperbox Studio is the home studio of Thunder Ridge Records, owned and run by producer Kristina Stykos.

Focus on your creativity at Pepperbox Studio, here in the heart of rural Vermont. Find yourself in the company of quiet dirt roads, shifting clouds, lost meadows and the spirit of self discovery. 

Whether you're looking to make a finely crafted musical product or just grab a few days off the grid revisiting your songs & recovering your sanity, this is a place of artistic refuge. The Pepperbox rule of thumb relies on state-of-the-art but not "too" much technology to support honest self expression. 

Hunker down with acoustic instruments or dial the amps to ten. Pepperbox Studio is a collaboration between you, producer Kristina Stykos, inclement weather events and vibrant sunsets. There's always time for a walk or a ski, a warm up by the fire and a meal around the kitchen table. Let's enjoy our time together on every level.