Matt Musty, Grace Potter Band

"It only takes one session with Kristina Stykos to figure out what makes her tick.  She’s an engineer and a producer, but she’s an artist first, making her a great communicator who’s able to pull exactly what she needs out of an artist and in the most beautiful way.  When she moves to the other side of the glass and becomes the artist, her genius becomes that much more evident because she’s so clear on the sentiment behind each lyric and each note.  She’s a fantastic lyricist, an amazing guitarist, and working alongside her in her studio in scenic Vermont is always an absolute joy!"

Ben Reed, Montana Singer-songwriter

"I haven't made it into Kristina's studio yet - that will happen later this March, but the work she has done on some of my song tracks from a distance (Billings, MT) has been nothing short of amazing! She has captured the essence, the mood, and emotion of my songs perfectly in the instrumentation and arrangements that she has added. I am looking forward to time in her studio, not only to flesh-out more of my music, but also to expand our collaboration beyond my own vision and into one of "ours." She is a gifted, and talented musician/engineer/producer on many levels - this is zen and the art of music!"

Bob Kinzel, Vermont Public Radio

"Going into a studio to record can be an intimidating experience but our session at Pepperbox was a total joy. State of the art equipment, a beautiful location and Kristina's incredible audio experience and her gentle touch as an engineer and a producer helped bring out the very best of the Barn Band. When it comes time to record some new tunes, this the place I want to do it !"

Mary McGinniss, Vermont Singer-songwriter

"Where else can one play music in a beautiful wooden room, cook food on the best gas stove ever created by humankind, have in depth conversation about song, poetry, and the state of the world, have a sleepover if need be, walk the dog on a lovely quiet road, and record your music the way you hear it and get the technical, artistic, and spiritual guidance needed to do so? That would be Pepperbox Studio, Thunder Ridge Records! Yeah."

Alex DiCicco, Musical Director

"I want to offer a huge shout out and thank you to Kristina! When taking a project to the studio, there are two critical factors which come into play: the engineer's ability to capture high quality material and adjust to challenges and her ability to make performers comfortable while bringing out their best work. Kristina excels in both areas - she worked tirelessly to meet the challenge of recording six singers in a variety of groupings. Not only is her equipment top notch, her knowledge of music and the production process is invaluable. Aside from myself, no one in our group had been to a studio. Kristina made each person feel comfortable while also gently nudging them to make improvements and take chances. Her studio had the perfect vibe for our van-load of city folks!"

George White, Celtic Guitar

"Working at Pepperbox with Kristina was so gratifying. Everything just right for me to be dialed in on getting the tracks down just the way I wanted them. It's a great sounding room too that shines in the finial mix."

Brian Clark, Vemont Singer-songwriter

"I loved the honest, simple, clear sound of my acoustic guitar so much in my sessions with Kristina. Her ear is so properly dialed in for finding the magic coming out of the moment. And her calm kindness helped lead me through laying down vocals, too, which I'll always appreciate."

Patrick Ross, Fiddler & Performer

"More crickets, less traffic. More spectacular views, less noise. More walks in the woods, less concrete. More thoughtfulness, less rushing. More spring water, less bottled water. More lentil soup, less GMO's. More firewood, less fossil fuels. More soul, less vanity. Kristina Stykos is one of my Vermont Rockstars! Thunder Ridge Records is one of my favorite places to record."

Andre Souligny, Vermont Singer-songwriter

"Thank you for the kind words of encouragement and the great session today! I feel honored to be a small part of your musical life. Already planning the next visit! Can't wait to hear your contribution to the recording..."

Robert Resnik, All the Traditions DJ

"The pleasures of recording at Pepperbox Studios are many: 1. Kristina Stykos is a princess of luscious sound; 2. The lovely view of the valley from the top floor (right outside the recording studio) will actually make you play better music; 3. The combination of hi-tech gear and woodsy warmth that is Pepperbox results in audio delights; and 4. Pepperbox is the epitome of what a Vermont recording studio should be; comfortable, inspiring, and audibly delicious..."